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It was a warm, mid-Summer afternoon and Madison was out for a walk in town. Although she was dressed in a white cotton short-sleeve blouse, white slacks and tennis shoes without socks, she started to feel the heat.

Madison went into the first store she saw, an antique shop she had never been in before. Although it wasn’t air-conditioned, the store had a large fan in one corner that made it a lot cooler than it was outside.

She browsed through the aisles before coming up to a large mirror. Madison paused to look at herself. Being only 4’ 11” tall and weighing in at just 90 lbs., she was hardly an imposing figure. What’s more, her short, pixie style black hair and fair complexion, along with her insignificant bust (which was why she almost never wore a bra), made her look much younger than her nineteen years.

Madison sighed forlornly at her reflection before turning to look at the items on the shelves behind her. After scanning the items for a moment, something caught her eye. It was a hand-carved statue of a horse on its hind legs. It wasn’t a particularly beautiful carving, and Madison never really thought one way or another about horses in general. But somehow, she felt drawn to this particular item.

She reached up with her right hand and picked up the statue. Though slightly heavy, Madison was able to hold it in one hand. As she began to study it, the statue emitted a strange, green-colored glow, while a sudden jolt of energy shot up her arm. This caused Madison to drop the statue, which landed on the hardwood floor with a loud thud.

“Miss, please be careful. That’s an antique,” said the saleslady in a monotone from the nearby counter.

Before she could reply, Madison felt a sudden sharp pain in her abdomen, causing her to grab the area with her left hand as she grabbed the shelf with her right hand. She moaned in pain as she felt pressure in her legs and her pants growing tighter around her.

Then without warning, the front of her pants burst open as two new appendages appeared. Madison cried out in pain as her spine had her involuntarily bend forward with a loud snap. She felt her backbone elongating with a sickening crackling sound as the appendages from her abdomen started to grow and take on the shape of two new legs with course black hair and hooves on the ends.

Meanwhile, her original legs started to grow in length as well. Madison’s pants started to rise to show coarse black hair on what were now her rear legs. The seams split as her pants tore away from her body and fell to the floor. Madison’s feet became shorter and wider as they burst out from her tennis shoes to show that they had now become hooves similar to those on her rapidly growing front legs.

Madison cried out again as her spine snapped and she involuntarily became upright again. Her equilibrium was totally off as she realized that her top half was no longer in line with her bottom half. Madison’s hand came away from the shelf as she rapidly grew in height. She felt herself falling forward, but was stopped as her front legs, which were now the same length as her rear legs, hit the floor. She heard a loud rip from her rear as a long, lush, black tail tore through her panties, which eventually ripped and snapped off to the floor.

The changes continued as Madison’s blouse tightened as her upper body became more muscular, the seams on her sleeves splitting as her shoulders broadened. The buttons popped off as the front flew open to reveal two large breasts spilling out, as the blouse fell off to join the rest of her tattered clothes on the floor. Finally, her scalp tingled as her hair rapidly grew into a black, lush mane that ended at her waist.

The change was over. Madison caught her breath as she looked at the large mirror and was stunned by the reflection of the large, beautiful, naked mythical figure that was looking back at her. With her long, shiny, flowing black hair, tanned complexion and toned, well-endowed upper body, along with the regal, lower body of a horse with its shiny black hair, Madison was not at all scared by what she saw. Instead, she was overwhelmed by a newfound sense of pleasure by her new form, almost to the point of arousal.

She then suddenly realized that she was in the middle of the antique shop in front of the saleslady and other customers who were gaping at her in wide-eyed amazement. Madison gasped and covered her breasts. She then looked back at the mirror and felt a sudden urge to do something unimaginable.

With her arms still folded over her chest, Madison closed her eyes and leaped into the mirror. She heard the loud shattering of the glass, but didn’t feel any shards hitting her body. When she landed, Madison opened her eyes to find herself in the middle of a beautiful green pasture under a sunny, clear blue sky, with a lush forest in the distance. The store, its occupants and even the mirror, were gone.

Madison unfolded her arms and allowed the warm breeze to envelop her new body. Overcome by a feeling of euphoria, Madison started running as fast as her four legs would take her. Smiling ecstatically, she ran towards the forest, ready to enjoy her new form, and a new life.


Through the darkness, Madison heard a faint male voice.

“She has a bracelet. It says she’s epileptic.”

“Must have had a seizure.” said another male voice which sounded a little clearer, “Look. I think she’s coming around.”

Madison slowly opened her eyes to see two men looking over her. As she focused, she realized they were paramedics.

“Are you okay, honey?” one of them asked with a smile, as the other checked her pulse.

Madison nodded weakly. She realized she was lying on her back on the floor of the antique shop. Slowly raising her head, she saw that she was fully dressed in her original clothing and was in her original human form. Madison raised a hand to her head to feel her short hair.

She quickly understood that her transformation was all a dream she must have had during her seizure – which struck her as odd, since she had never had dreams during a seizure before. It must have happened right after she picked up the horse statue. Part of Madison however, couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed, since she was never as happy as she was during the dream.

“Easy,” said the paramedic, “We’re going to take you to the hospital to have you checked out. You’ll be fine.”

As the paramedics put Madison onto a gurney, she noticed the saleslady picking up the horse statue and returning it to its place on the shelf. Madison looked up at it as she was being wheeled past it. For a second, she thought she saw it glow at her again.

Madison thought this was all too weird. She decided then and there that she would not go into that store again – or would she?
Living A Dream? - Centauress TF
A young woman experiences a major change…or does she?

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“Is that all you can come up with?”

Becky smiled as she stood on the chair, adjusting the bucket over the door.

“Don’t worry,” she replied confidently, “You won’t be disappointed.”

Her classmate shrugged before returning to his seat.

Though only a junior in high school, Becky was a scientific prodigy, showing a vast knowledge in science and chemistry since as young as three years old. By the time she had started high school, Becky was already being offered scholarships to several colleges, but chose to finish high school with her peers.

Although she kept mostly to herself, Becky was well respected by both the faculty and her fellow students, as her knowledge and achievements had brought a lot of positive publicity to the school, along with extra funding for all its programs, including the science lab. Becky was also looking very forward to spending the summer working in the lab of the local university, which she would eventually be attending after graduation.

The problems started earlier in the school year. Tiffany was a buxom, blonde cheerleader from a wealthy family, who was new to the school. However, her arrogance and pompous attitude quickly alienated her from her schoolmates and the faculty, including her fellow cheerleaders and even the Jocks. Normally, the boys would be eager to go out with her, but her snobbish nature quickly turned them off.

What’s more, Tiffany decided that she would single Becky out and give her a hard time. She would intentionally bump Becky in the hall, cut in front of her in the cafeteria and call her nasty names such as “Genius” (in a derogatory tone) and “Science Nerd”. Tiffany was jealous of all the positive attention Becky received, but her bullying only succeeded in alienating her even further from the rest of the school.

One day after gym class, Becky followed her usual routine by taking a shower before heading off to her next class. However, she was not expecting what she saw when she opened her locker afterwards – it was completely empty. All her clothes, right down to her footwear, were gone. Becky noticed a small piece of paper on the upper shelf – it read as follows:


Becky recognized the hand writing and knew right away that only one person could be responsible – Tiffany. She looked around the room to see that Tiffany was already gone.

Becky bit her lip as she was wearing nothing but a towel – the only item keeping her from being completely naked in school. Not wanting to bother the other girls, she lingered around until they all left for their next classes.

Having looked all over the room after they were gone, Becky sneaked into the now empty hallway, where she looked in the janitor’s closet and found nothing. Trying to keep as calm as possible, Becky noticed the door to the Boys’ locker room across the hall. It was quiet in there, as a boys’ class was in progress in the gym. Becky figured that Tiffany probably didn’t put too much thought into this and would want to be out of the Boys’ room as quickly as possible. Based on that assumption, she snuck inside, looked in the locker closest to the door and was very relieved to find all her clothing.

Not wanting to waste any more time, Becky dropped her towel, quickly got dressed and sneaked out of the Boys’ locker room, before hurrying off to class.

As a result, she was late and received a demerit point. Being too embarrassed to explain to the teacher why she was late, Becky simply accepted it. Tiffany was not in this class, but Becky could only imagine Tiffany sitting in another classroom, having a huge laugh over her prank.

Becky was very serious about her school records, having never gotten a detention or demerit point. Now, Tiffany’s childish prank, out of nothing more than simple dislike, put this one mark on her record. Becky was willing to let it go, but once the other students found out, they were quite upset and encouraged her to stand up and retaliate.

It was that small, unnecessary blemish on her record, along with her classmates’ encouragement that finally led Becky to engineer some sort of revenge towards Tiffany a few days later.

She made her final adjustments before climbing down from the chair and returning it to its place behind the teacher’s desk.

One of her classmates quickly came in through the classroom’s rear door and locked it.

“She’s coming!” she said excitedly.

First they heard Tiffany trying to open the locked door. They then heard an exasperated sigh as she made her way to the front door of the classroom.

“Here she comes!” someone whispered.

Tiffany entered the room wearing her usual, tight-fitting, v-neck cheerleading “letter” sweater, along with her short cheerleading skirt.

The door opened to the right point and on cue, the bucket tipped, its contents emptying right onto Tiffany. The classroom erupted in laughter.

Now soaked to the skin, Tiffany sputtered, looked up at the bucket and then back at Becky in contempt. Becky enjoyed the moment, smiling smugly at her tormentor.

“Really!?” Tiffany exclaimed, “A bucket of water? That’s the best you can do!? Some genius! The way everyone makes such a big deal over…”

“Look! What is that!?” someone chimed in, pointing at the drenched cheerleader.

The class stared at Tiffany as smoke started to come from her clothes. Tiffany looked down at herself and gasped.

“What...what’s happening to me!?” she asked incredulously.

Becky’s classmates became concerned despite their dislike for Tiffany.

“Is she burning?” one of them asked.

“Will she be okay?” asked another.

“The solution is harmless to her,” Becky quickly explained “…but I can’t say the same for her clothes!” she added, smiling slyly.

The smoke continued as the hemline of Tiffany’s skirt started to disintegrate and rise. The same happened to her sweater as it started to rise above her midriff, the sleeves creeping up her arms, and the v-neck opening and expanding across her chest. Within seconds, the seams split and Tiffany’s clothing fell to the floor where they continued to disintegrate.

“M-my… my clothes!” Tiffany exclaimed.

She was now left in a flimsy, pink lace bra which barely contained her ample breasts, and a pink thong. Laughter and whistling started as Tiffany’s eyes filled with tears. Some of her classmates even had their phones out and were taking pictures.

“Look!” someone exclaimed.

In seconds, the smoking started again on Tiffany’s bra and thong. The straps snapped and the underwear fell from Tiffany’s body, joining the smoldering mess of ashes on the floor that was once her clothing.

All that was now left on Tiffany were her tennis shoes and sports socks.  She quickly covered her private parts with her hands, before looking at Becky with a tear-stained, red face.

“How could you do this to me?” she asked in a near whisper before running out of the room.

The rest of the class laughed and cheered, some sharing their pictures of Tiffany with each other, while others approached Becky, congratulating her and giving her high-fives.

Although the prank worked out according to her plan, something about it just didn’t feel right to Becky. The victory somehow felt hollow.

“Did you see the look on her face?” she heard someone say.

That was the problem. All she could see was pain and humiliation on Tiffany’s face. Becky had gotten back at Tiffany and would probably never be picked on by her again.

She should have been happy – Right?
ENF - Becky's Revenge
A girl learns that getting even may not be as fun as it seems.

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It was late afternoon and Megan had just gotten out of the shower. She didn’t bother with underwear after drying off, and put on a top and long, flowing cotton skirt that ended at her ankles.

Megan stepped outside onto the lawn for a few minutes, enjoying the cool grass beneath her bare feet and the pleasant sensation of the breeze up her skirt, before going back inside.

She went into the kitchen, took a bowl out from the cupboard, and was about to help herself to some jellybeans, when her mother came into the room.

“I’m going next door for a few minutes,” she said cheerfully, “Maybe Josh will be there. Want to come?”

“Mom, don’t start,” Megan replied, rolling her eyes in frustration.

“I’m only trying to help,” her mother answered sheepishly.

Megan turned and looked at her mother. She knew she meant well and loved her for it, but didn’t like the pressure. Megan actually liked Josh. In fact, she wanted to go out with him, and was hoping he would ask.

“I know, Mom.”

Her mother came over, put her arm around her daughter and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“I see how you look at him, honey,” she said gently, “But if you want him to come to you, you’d have to give him a reason. You know – make an impression.”

Megan’s mother gave her another kiss on the cheek.

“I’ll be back in a little while,” she said as she left the room and headed towards the front door.

As Megan searched in the pantry for the jellybeans, she knew her mother was right, but couldn’t really figure out an effective way to get Josh’s attention.

After a moment of searching, she found the jellybeans and put them on the counter. Without warning, the overloaded plastic bag split, spilling most of its contents all over the kitchen floor.

With an exasperated sigh, Megan carefully stepped through the mess towards the utility closet where the vacuum cleaner was kept. She decided to use the pipe without any attachments and turned the machine on to its highest setting, hoping to clean up the spilled candy as soon as possible.

As she was finishing, Megan thought she heard someone enter the room. Expecting to see her mother, she turned to see both her mother and Josh. Her mother had on the same hopeful smile she would have whenever Josh was around, while Josh was smiling politely. Megan meanwhile, was mildly annoyed at her mother for playing “matchmaker” again.

At that moment, the pipe from the vacuum cleaner, which was still on its highest setting, touched Megan’s skirt. She felt a tugging, but before she could react, it was too late:


In less than a second, Megan’s skirt was torn from her body and sucked into the vacuum, jamming the machine and causing it to turn off automatically. With her top ending just above her hips, she was now naked from the waist down.

With her mouth agape in total shock, all Megan could do was slowly look down at her exposed lower half, before looking back up. Her mother was still smiling, but with her eyebrows raised in surprise, while the smile on Josh’s face slowly disappeared.

“Um…I…uh…I have to go!” Josh stammered, as he quickly retreated towards the front door and made his way out of the house.

Megan helplessly watched him leave before looking at her mother, who was now making a major effort to suppress laughter.

“Well,” her mother giggled, “I know I told you to make an impression, but that wasn’t quite what I meant!”
ENF - Bottomed Out
A young woman gets sucked into an embarrassing situation!
For all of you “Mad Men” fans out there!
*Written by Bill Shepherd and Alan Tew (and Michel Rivgauche for the lyrics of the French version).

Zou bisou bisou
Zou bisou bisou
Zou bisou bisou
Zou bisou zou bisou, mon Dieu qu'ils sont doux

Zou bisou bisou
Zou bisou bisou
Zou bisou bisou
Zou bisou zou bisou, le bruit des bisous

Dans les buissons sous le ciel du mois d'août
Les amoureux glissent à pas de loup
Comme les oiseaux ils ont rendez-vous
On l'entend partout

Zou bisou bisou
Zou bisou bisou
Zou bisou bisou
Zou bisou zou bisou, mon Dieu qu'ils sont doux

Mais dites-moi savez-vous,
ce que veut dire entre nous,
Ce que que veut dire "Zou bisou"?

Ça veut dire je vous l'avoue
Mais oui je n'aime que vous
Zou bisou bisou
Zou bisou zou bisou, mon Dieu qu'ils sont doux

Mais pas besoin des buissons du mois d'août
Quand tu m'embrasses doucement dans le cou
Car c'est curieux tu vois je l'avoue
Ça me fait partout

Zou bisou bisou
Zou bisou bisou
Zou bisou bisou
Zou bisou zou bisou, mon Dieu qu'ils sont doux

Zou bisou bisou
Zou bisou zou bisou, des petits bisous

Zou bisou bisou!

Notable Versions:
- Sophia Loren (English version, "Zoo Be Zoo Be Zoo"), associated with the film “The Millionairess” and on the album “Peter and Sophia”, both 1960
- Gillian Hills, 1960
- Jessica Paré , “Mad Men” (AMC), Season 5, Episodes 1 & 2 – “A Little Kiss”, March 25, 2012

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It had just stopped raining and Katherine (or Katie, as she preferred) was walking to school. She had her raincoat on over her school uniform, but didn’t bother with her rain boots, as she hated wearing them.

Usually, she loved to go out barefoot in the rain and take it all in, but as it was a school day, there would be no time for that.

The rain had come down hard, and Katie paid attention to the puddles as she walked to school so she wouldn’t accidentally step in any of them.

She stopped directly across the street from the all-girls school and waved at her friends who were waving back and motioning to Katie to come over.

After checking for traffic and then looking straight ahead, Katie started to cross. She noticed one of her friends pointing with a worried look and another with her hands covering her mouth, but it was too late. Katie stepped into a large, deep puddle in the gutter. Her entire foot sank in to just above her ankle. Before she could stop herself, Katie’s other foot went in, and both feet were submerged. She could feel the water soaking into her shoes and socks.

Although it was only a second or two before Katie jumped out of the puddle, her footwear was saturated. With a sickening sloshing sound, she trudged her way over to her friends.

“Are you all right?” one of them asked.

Before Katie could reply, the bell rang and the girls went into the building. In the coat room, Katie hung up her coat and immediately kicked off her shoes and peeled off her soaked socks. She rung them out in the sink, but they were too wet to wear to class. Katie had no other footwear with her. Her running shoes were at the gym, which was at a different location.

“What are you going to do?” her friend asked.

“I don’t know,” Katie replied a little panicked. She didn’t want to get into trouble, but she also didn’t want to miss most of the morning to go home and get dry shoes.

Katie placed her shoes and socks on the radiator. When the bell rang, she held her breath and quickly went into the nearby classroom to her desk. She wanted to get there before the teacher. Katie received a few inquisitive looks from her classmates before quickly explaining what had happened.

As she sat behind her desk, she realized that her bare feet could still be noticed. She quickly took off her cardigan and draped it over her lap so that it covered her feet. She had to admit that she liked the feeling of the sweater on her toes as she warmed up.

Suddenly, there was the all too familiar whack of the metal ruler on the teacher’s desk. It was Sister Elizabeth, the oldest and strictest Sister, who was also the school’s English teacher. All the girls returned to their seats and sat up straight as Sister Elizabeth, with her ruler in hand, slowly walked the aisle, conducting her daily inspection.

Katie sat up straight, holding her breath as always, but was especially nervous due to what she was hiding beneath the sweater draped over her knees.

The elderly Sister stopped at Katie and looked her over until her eyes stopped at the sweater in her lap.

“Are you cold?” she asked, in her usual monotone.

Katie looked up at Sister Elizabeth, making eye contact.

“Um, yes, Sister,” she replied quietly, trying to keep her tone as steady as possible, “I’m feeling a little bit of a chill.”

After studying Katie for a few seconds, Sister Elizabeth gave a sniff, and returned to the front of the class to begin the lesson. Katie couldn’t have been more relieved.

The next class came and went uneventfully as Katie kept her feet covered. Eventually the bell rang for recess.

During recess, Katie and her classmates usually stayed in the classroom without supervision. She took advantage of the situation by keeping her feet out in the open, crossing her legs as she chatted with her friends. Katie actually enjoyed walking across the room feeling the cool floor beneath her and standing on her bare toes as she gathered books she needed from a nearby shelf. From the corner of her eye, she even noticed a few envious stares from her friends.

Though a small part of her got a thrill from the risky experience of doing something that was against the rules, Katie was a little disappointed to discover that after sneaking into the coat room to check on her footwear, that they were still too wet to put back on.

Katie was able to get through the final two classes of the morning with her feet hidden behind the sweater and not getting caught. She did however have a close-call when the teacher called her to the blackboard to solve a math problem, but was literally saved by the bell when it rang for lunch, before she could react.

As her friends all went to the lunchroom, Katie sneaked into the coat room again to check on her footwear, which was still a little damp. She sighed in frustration while she prepared to eat her lunch in the coat room, hoping not to get caught.

Katie heard someone in the doorway behind her. It was too quiet to be one of her friends. Fearing that it would be one of the Sisters, especially Sister Elizabeth, she turned to see who it was, ready to face her fate.

Katie’s blood ran cold as it turned out to be none other than the Mother Superior, who was also the headmistress of the school.

The Mother Superior looked at Katie and glanced at the drying footwear on the radiator, before looking down at Katie’s bare feet. “Is there a problem?” she asked.

She was caught. With a sigh and a roll of the eyes, Katie involuntarily curled her toes inward as she explained the circumstances that led up to her being barefoot in school.

“I see,” the Mother Superior replied after Katie finished, “Well we certainly cannot have you running around here barefoot. This is a drafty old building and you will catch your death of a cold.”

She motioned to the corridor. ”You can have lunch with me and I am sure your shoes and socks will be dry by the time the lunch period is over.”

Katie was dumbfounded. She had never even spoken to the Mother Superior before, and now she was about to have lunch with her. She took her lunch bag and followed the Mother Superior to her office.

Katie was relieved that the Mother Superior’s office was carpeted, as the hardwood floor was starting to feel cold beneath her feet.

The two sat on opposite sides of the desk and ate mostly in silence. As she sat in front of the Mother Superior’s desk, Katie self-consciously covered one foot with the other, even though they were out of sight of the Mother Superior.

After they finished, the Mother Superior checked her watch. “Well,” she said, “you can stay here until the bell rings.”

“I must say,” she added, “I am somewhat surprised that you were able to go the entire morning without being caught by Sister Elizabeth.”

Katie shrugged and grinned sheepishly as she decided to keep her opinions of Sister Elizabeth to herself.

“However,” the Mother Superior continued somewhat sternly, “you must remember that Sister Elizabeth means well and only wants you and the others to know the differences between right and wrong.”

Katie knew the Mother Superior was right, and nodded in agreement.

The Mother Superior sat back in her chair and pondered for a moment. “You know, as a girl, I loved nothing more than to run barefoot through the fields.” She then looked at Katie. “Is that something you like to do?”

Katie was surprised at the question and even more at the Mother Superior’s personal revelation. Like many of her classmates, Katie often forgot that the Mother Superior, along with most of the other Sisters, were people who lived fairly normal lives before taking their vows.

“Well,” Katie replied, “I’m almost always barefoot at home; I love to go out in the backyard that way, and I really like going to the beach, just to walk on the sand and in the tide. Sometimes I just like to take short walks around the neighborhood, barefoot.”

“And why do you think that is?”

“I guess I like feeling the different textures under my feet,” Katie replied with a shrug.

“Would it be fair to say that you value the world He has created for us?”

“Yes, I guess I do,” Katie answered thoughtfully. She found herself relaxing and feeling less self-conscious.

The Mother Superior paused. “’Put off thy shoes from off thy feet, for the place whereon thou standest is holy ground.’ Are you familiar with that*?” she asked quizzically.

Katie thought for a moment before realizing the answer. “Exodus 3:5 – When Moses was instructed to remove his shoes before approaching the burning bush,*” she replied.

The Mother Superior was impressed. “Very good,” She replied with raised eyebrows.

Katie smiled and blushed slightly.

The Mother Superior leaned forward, clasping her hands together on top of the desk. “You know, in most religions, bare feet are regarded as a sign of humility and subjection. In certain convents such as Convent of Las Descalzas Reales, Poor Clares and Colettine Poor Clares, going barefoot is obligatory*.”

“There are even Christian congregations of men and women that go entirely barefoot or wear sandals,” she continued, “such as the Discalced Carmelites, the Trinitarians and the Passionists. It is even customary in Judaism and some Christian denominations to go barefoot while mourning*.”

All the while, Katie listened intently, as she had no idea of the significance of being barefoot and the important role it played in humanity.

“So you see,” the Mother Superior concluded, “there is no reason to be embarrassed about our feet or any part of our bodies for that matter. We just have to remember that there is a time and place for everything.”

She looked at her watch. “Well,” she said, “The bell will be ringing in a few minutes. I am sure your footwear is dry by now. You would best be getting along to class.”

Katie rose and walked to the door. She turned before leaving. “Thank you for your time, Mother Superior,” she said.

“It was a pleasure, my child.” She replied with a small smile, “Please close the door behind you.”

Katie went back to the coat room, where she checked on her shoes and socks, which were now completely dry. As the bell rang, she put them back on and joined her classmates for what would be an uneventful afternoon.

After the final bell, Katie said her goodbyes to her friends for the day and headed home. The rain had long since stopped and the sun was out.

When she got home, Katie hung up her coat, slipped out of her shoes and went upstairs. She stopped by the hamper, peeled off her socks and threw them in before going to her room.

Katie lay on her bed to take a short break before changing clothes and starting her homework. She crossed her feet and unconsciously wiggled her toes in thought.

Katie reached into her blouse and took out the small cross she always wore around her neck. She looked at her feet and back at the cross, and smiled.

*AUTHOR’S NOTE: The quotes and facts in this story are taken from the “Barefoot” article in Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia.
Religion for the Sole
A school girl learns some valuable facts about something she likes to do for fun.


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